Why after the death of rapper Nipsi Hassl began to earn more than in life

Over the past 12 months, rapper Nipsi Hassl, who died at 33, has earned $ 11 million, which is much more than in any year in his life.

Nipsi’s music and business projects continue to work after his death.

When rapper Nipsi Hassle bought a mall in southern Los Angeles, he could not get enough of his new acquisition and told everyone about the huge potential of the Crenshaw area.

 It was in the parking lot of this shopping center that the famous rapper in his teens sold not only socks and T-shirts, but also goods prohibited by law.

The musician planned to upgrade the mall and began by opening his own clothing store called The Marathon.

“We want to create an entrepreneurial environment around music. No matter how much I am fond of her, I just as much want to make sure that my business continues when I can no longer write music, ”said the 33-year-old rapper in February 2019, sitting in one of the shops of his mall center.

Seven weeks later, Nipps Hassle was mortally wounded in the parking lot in front of his The Marathon clothing store. He was 33 years old. But even after the death of the musician, his work continues. Over the past 12 months, Nipsi Hassl has earned $ 11 million, which is much more than for any year in his life. Thus, the Grammy nominee took 10th place in the annual ranking of the highest paid deceased celebrities. In the United States alone, his songs have gained 1.8 billion plays in the past 12 months.

During his lifetime, the musician insisted on not selling the rights to his original recordings. This means that for each audition he receives much more money than most modern stars. In addition to music, Nipsi Hassl made money on sales of his The Marathon clothing store and on collaboration with the Puma brand of sportswear and shoes.

If everything goes according to plan in the south of Los Angeles, the rapper will once again become a member of the ranking of the highest paid deceased celebrities. In the future, his heirs will receive income from investments in the construction of apartments and redevelopment of various real estate objects. In addition, a museum may be opened in Los Angeles in memory of Nipps Hassle. According to his business partner Steve Carless, the heirs of the musician had “hundreds of records” that could be released as a posthumous album. It is a question of separate fragments of songs, for example, refrains or verses, as well as full songs. “Nipps was only interested in releasing holistic albums. We will be even more scrupulous about what kind of songs we will release and how we will promote it, ”said Carless.

David Gross, a rapper’s business partner for a shopping center in Crenshaw, is currently working to bring another late musician project to life. In February, Hassl and Gross spoke in an interview with Forbes about the creation of an investment fund whose goal would be to ennoble the so-called “zones of opportunity”. With the support of businessmen, including billionaire Sean Parker, as well as Senators from the Democratic and Republican parties, a new tax law was passed in 2017 in the United States, which provides for the creation of “zones of opportunity”. From now on, investors can invest in projects or companies located in low-income areas in exchange for tax breaks. Profits from such projects are not taxed. Many “zones of opportunity” were created in the south of Los Angeles, which prompted Gross and Hassle to think about buying a shopping center in Crenshaw.

Due to the sudden death of Nipsi Hassle, the opening of the investment fund had to be postponed to a later date. In addition, several projects for the development of a shopping center acquired by partners were postponed. But Gross insists on promoting both initiatives. He does everything possible to overcome bureaucratic delays with the municipal authorities, working closely with the heirs of the rapper. At the same time, according to Gross, he hopes that the shopping center in Crenshaw will serve as a “starting point” and become “a symbol of what Nipsi and I planned to do in other cities with other people.”

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