NYT finds out about trump from New York due to taxes

US President Donald Trump has changed his permanent residence due to tax issues, writes The New York Times.

Trump himself said that he left New York because of the «bad attitude» of the political leaders of the city and state.

US President Donald Trump changed his permanent residence from New York to Palm Beach in Florida.

 About it writes The New York Times with reference to documents of the court of the county of Palm Beach.

The NYT White House refused to comment on Trump’s legal move, but a source close to the president told the newspaper that this was due to taxes.

It follows from the documents that in September, Trump notified the court that his permanent residence should be considered the Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, and not the Trump Tower on New York’s Fifth Avenue, where the headquarters of the Trump Organization group of companies is located.

In 2016, the election headquarters of the politician was also located there. According to the newspaper, as other places of residence, the US president indicated the addresses of the White House in Washington and the private golf club in Bedminster, where he rests in the summer. Trump’s wife Melania also changed her place of permanent residence on Palm Beach, NYT said.

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The source said that Trump was furious when a Manhattan prosecutor Cyrus Vance demanded his tax returns for the past eight years. In October, the court upheld Vance’s claim, but this decision was blocked by the court of appeal.


NYT claims that the move of the head of state will not affect this matter. The newspaper also emphasizes that there is no income tax or inheritance tax in Florida, while New York State income tax reaches 9%. The publication notes that during his presidency, Trump spent 99 days at the Mar-a-Lago estate, and 20 days at Trump Tower. Four trips of the head of state to Florida, made in the first three months of being in power, cost taxpayers $ 14 million.


Trump himself spoke about his move to Twitter. «I love New York and its inhabitants and will always love, but, unfortunately, despite the fact that every year I pay millions of dollars in taxes to the city, state and local authorities, the political leaders of the city and state treated me very badly,» — wrote the US president.

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